Elevated Simples- Peppermint

Elevated Simples- Peppermint


What is a Simple? In essence it is a one herb remedy. Consuming an herbal Simple is an intimate holistic experience.  Here we've taken the amazing healing properties of peppermint and "elevated" it with carefully curated hemp flower. And while hemp does well on its own to assist with symptoms associated with chronic pain, nausea, anxiety/depression and more... coupling it with a simple herb, adds that much more!


In our Peppermint Elevated Simple, we've blended 7 grams of  Pineapple Tsunami Hemp Flower with- Organic Peppermint Leaves for a sweet and minty composition that smokes smoothly, and sips sweetly. Yes! You read that right. You may Smoke, Sip, or do both, all in the name of relaxation and healing. 


Healing Properties Attributed to Peppermint:


When Smoked


  • Improves Energy 
  • Assists with Migraines
  • Assists with Menstrual Pain
  • May Improve Concentration
  • May Assist with  Seasonal Allergies 


When Sipped

  • May Ease Indigestion
  • May Help with Weight Loss
  • May Relieve Clogged Sinuses
  • May Ease Respiratory Discomfort and Congestion
  • Directions for Use

    Elevated Simples have been made even more simple for you, in that the herbs are have been carefully ground fo